Plumbing Features

Many plumbing features can be incorporated into a new home.

Kitchen islands are even more useful when they are equipped with a garden sink and garbage disposer.

Pot-filler faucets mounted over a cooktop reduce the need to carry heavy water-filled cooking pots.  Adding a little water is a breeze.

Open kitchen designs allow homeowners to be a part of the living area scene while cooking or cleaning up.

Baths can be upgraded to nicer counter tops and lavatories.  Taller lavatory cabinets require less bending by adults.  Taller water closets (toilets) are easier for seniors to use.  Todays better insulation helps make baths more comfortable during colder weather.

Two water heaters in series have almost unlimited supply capabilities when company comes or you want to soak in the large jetted tub.  They also are more energy efficient because the upstream heater can be set on “vacation” during normal hot water usage environments.
The shower faucet does not have to be a simple on-off valve with a spray head.  Showers can have hand-held sprays, multi-head full body massage spray patterns, even steam saunas.
Shower walls are no longer always 4″ x 4″ square wall tiles, usually white.  Any number of beautiful tiles are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  They can be installed in as many designs as the mind can imagine.