Interior Trim Features

Examples of simple and functional are closet storage shoe racks with individual shelf heights precisely designed for shoes, ankle high boots, roper boots, and cowboy boots. Ambassador’s closet racks are not just a series of 12″ high shelves.

Interior trim creates the personality of a home. It can be simple and functional, complicated and gaudy, complicated and elegant, or complicated and elegant while appearing to be simple and functional.

Full-height dress hanging rod with two shelves above on the left and a carefully designed shoe storage rack on the right before painted; note the small window up high to allow light into the closet.

Closet shoe rack with shelves for different shoe heights; note the comfortable distance between shirt sleeves.

Don has lived in nine different homes built by Ambassador. Each move has been educational as to what works and what is nothing but fluff. As a result, Ambassador has migrated over the years towards encouraging homeowners toward either the simple and functional or complicated and elegant while appearing to be simple and functional.

Towel bars mounted on the end of kitchen cabinets are an everyday joy.

Hanging rods built over utility room sink cabinets provide excellent hanging space for damp clothes from the dryer to complete the drying process. An occasional drip does not harm the counter top.

Ambassador pays attention to simple things such as how to install a linen storage cabinet front in a hallway or how to trim a cabinet against the wall.

Raised bar top supported by corbels and trimmed for stronger resistance to accidental kicks

Lever handle door knobs are easier for older homeowners to use, especially the ones with arthritis

3′ wide by 8′ tall door at the end of a 10′ tall hall

These pictures show Ambassador defaults to a simple door facing and baseboard molds of considerable size.

Dining room open to entry; note painted molds are more formal

Painted crown and base in a room with 12′ celings

Simple elegance is timeless in crown and chair rail molds. Much more ornate molds are available if a homeowner so chooses.

Chairrail molds are functional and attractive. Their functional purpose is to protect walls from damage. The protection shown in these pictures applies to chair backs and traffic passing through archways.

Ceilings can be trimmed with significant amounts of beams and trim without interfering with the homeowner’s use on the walls in hanging pictures. We do extensive wall mold designs less often because of the problems they can cause with the location of pictures.

Doorways and passageways lend themselves to being focal points.Passageways are often made more attractive with arched tops. Columns can support arches or flat beams. Corbels can be used in the place of columns at arches or the ends of beams.

Fireplace faces can be brick, stone, or wood combined with a non-combustible material located at the firebox opening.