Framing Features

Building beautiful homes that are both strong and leak-proof requires skill in the framing phase. Don utilizes his engineering background as he carefully inspects the framing for each home prior to installing insulation. Our framing crew is used to this procedure. Over the years Don’s “punch list” has tended to get shorter and shorter because Ambassador has used the same framing crew for many years. They are skilled carpenters who take pride in their work and have learned what Ambassador expects of them.

Experience has made some framing details important to Ambassador that are not common in the industry and not required by building codes. An example is Ambassador expends extra effort in avoiding water leaks at windows and outside doors. This is especially important to homes with gable roofs or second story windows.

Another example of an item important to Ambassador is increasing the capability of the outside walls to resist being pushed outward by pressure from the heavy roof pushing down on the rafters and thus causing their ends to push outwards.

Problems resulting from haphazard construction sometimes take years to become obvious. Unobserved leaks eventually create rot. Settling due to a lack of support results in sheetrock cracks.

Homes built with a strong foundation plus attention to the details of moisture control and strength have the potential to perform for centuries.