Exterior Features

Envisioning, helping design, and watching the building of your new home is a uniquely satisfying experience. A floor plan can be developed for almost any picture of a home you might choose to use as guidance in styling your home.

You choose how you want your home to look from the street

Quadruple arched soldier courses over window

Brick and stone veneer; note circular drive of exposed aggregate and stone front sidewalk and porch

Brick and stone veneer is popular because it is both beautiful and essentially maintenance free. Ambassador can do almost unlimited different masonry details either in brick, stone, or both.

Brick and stone combined with brick details complementing the stone

Brick and stone combined with brick details complementing the stone

Masonry features can be formal or casual. White mortar accents the individual bricks or stones. Buff mortar blends with earth-tone bricks and stones. Cast stone adds formality and is frost-proof.

Curved roof at dormer, arched soldier courses and double soldier course brick headers

Cast stone columns and window surrounds; note multiple crown and dental molds

Cast stone porch columns, painted brick, and concrete tile roof

Ambassador often builds porches 20 feet by 20 feet or more with 10 foot or 12 foot ceilings.

Painted brick, quoin corners, corbeled soldier courses with dental mold; notes crown and dental molds at facia board

Raised patio overlooking downhill slope and valley beyond

Views of raised patio from yard

Large rear porches can be a family activity center.

Family reunion with activity on rear porch

Family reunion photograph taken on rear porch

Insulating the attic over the porch makes it much more comfortable during hot weather. Imagine what a 140º attic does to porch ceilings without insulation. A 135º porch ceiling makes a porch much warmer on a 95º day. Sitting on a porch with an insulated ceiling is more like sitting under a shade tree.

Water misters can be added to the soffit to provide additional help in keeping the porch temperature down during the summer.

R19 batted insulation over porch ceiling installed between the ceiling joists; note the insulation baffles being installed at the base of the rafters

Water misters and batted insulation over the porch ceiling makes porches cooler during the summer; note the water misters roughed in at the soffit