Electrical Features

New home normal-voltage and low-voltage systems can offer many amenities.

Decora switches and dimmer switches are attractive and easy for older people to use. Switches can be three-way or four-way for control of a light from multiple locations. An example would be a switch at the top and the bottom of a stairway.

The dimmer switch looks almost the same as a normal switch with the sliding-bar dimmer control on the right edge of the switch. The dimmer has a dividend of being back-lite for easy access in the dark.

Multiple switches are pictured for control of all outside lights and outside switchable power plugs from a single location. In this case, control of many of the outdoor lights is also available in other locations by use of three-way and four-way switches.

The electrician’s work can become quite complicated. Each wire leaving the breaker boxes is a separate circuit protected by a circuit breaker inside the breaker boxes.

Outside conduit for future use stubbed up near a tree

Outside conduit trimmed with a power plug with an on-off switch located inside the home, this plug used t power Christmas lights near the street

Open dining room with tall ceiling plus boxed ceiling, note the can lights and tall ceilings painted darker

Can lights brighten the room, recessed lights accent tunnel with dormer window

Lights over cabinets brighten a room or add soft light when used solo

Lights under cabinet help brighten workspaces, note decorative tile splash

Tall ceilings can have can lights, fans, crown mold and more. Note darker ceiling paint

Fan over breakfast table provides comfort without cooling food when run in reverse

Low voltage smart jack with cats and coaxial cable outlets

Local area network CAT5 outlet

Recessed ceiling speaker next to a recessed can light, note ceiling pair darker than wall

Outdoor speakers mounted on rear porch

Rough-in of low voltage total house connections panel for all TV antennas, lans, and telephones; organizes connections plus prevents need of climbing into attic for hookups

Low voltage total house connections panel beside burglar alarm control box, both are inside master closet