Why Should You Choose Custom Homes?



Why Should You Choose Custom Homes?


Those who are planning to have their own homes can choose either production homes or custom homes. It will all depend on the needs and budget of would-be homeowners. The location is also crucial because of statutory and company regulations.

Production homes vs. custom homes

Generally speaking, purchasing production homes is less costly as compared to commissioning the construction of custom homes. In some cases, however, choosing home builders specializing in the latter type of homes is the most feasible option. This is especially true for rural locations or in areas that have low population wherein large-scale land developers and home builders are less likely to thrive. If a house construction company is not available, it may be necessary to hire an architect and separate contractors for all other aspects of house construction.

Client-based specifications

As the name suggests, custom home builders specialize in constructing uniquely designed houses. The designs are usually based on the ideas and specifications of the clients. A professional home builder may suggest some generic design templates as basis but it would still be the decision of the clients what exactly the final product should look like.

Aside from the architectural design and interior details, would-be homeowners can decide on the floor layout, size of the house, and the accessibility. In some locations the accessibility may be limited because of the presence of neighboring houses. For instance, it may not be possible to put an alternative gate or driveway on one side of the lot if there is already a fence or home adjacent to it.

In most cases, these homes are built on lands that are already owned by the clients. Some contractors and land developers, however, may offer lots that they own. Houses that are customized and are built on these company-owned lots are also known as spec home or speculative homes because the selling prices can rise radically depending on various economic factors.

High-end homes

Custom home builders are small-volume builders. They operate only on a small-scale basis with only a few projects per year. They construct single-family homes in various locations instead of mass-producing house buildings in one subdivision or suburb. This practice allows them to focus on the quality of house buildings. They can afford to make major modifications based on the requests of clients. For instance, extra bedrooms may be added even if these were not included in the original plan.

The designs of most homes with client-based specifications are also dependent on the locations. For example, beach houses should be constructed in such a way that they are well-protected against the salty mists from the sea. These houses should also maximize ventilation and natural lights. Designs for homes in mountainous locations also need to be customized based on the terrains. The Foundation of the house building is crucial. Consequently, these homes are generally high-end homes that only a few well-to-do clients can afford but they are all worth it.


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