What to Expect When Working With Custom Home Builders



What to Expect When Working With Custom Home Builders


Today’s families often find that custom home builders provide them with the best options for getting the house of their dreams. Unlike production companies that work from a specific set of templates, custom home builders offer far more flexibility in floor plans and amenities. Working with a contractor who understands the client’s vision allows the buyer to realize their goal of owning a new house that will fit their needs for many years to come.

When potential clients first contact custom builders, there are several questions they should have in mind. The first question to consider when planning the new build is the budget. Banks understand the process of building a customized house and often offer construction loans, which can later be converted to a traditional mortgage.

The budget will inform much of the build, the size of the finished house, and the style of the rooms. From simple to luxurious, the variety of options available fit a number of tastes and styles. The client and the contractor should discuss the budget and the options available. It’s beneficial to have a clear idea going into this conversation of what is most desirable in the new home. Families who spend a lot of time enjoying media like video games and movies together will want to consider a focus on the living and media areas. Families who enjoy cooking and entertaining might favor putting more of the budget into upgraded Kitchen and dining room options.

The first step in the actual build will be preparing the site and pouring the Foundation. The first of several inspections will take place as soon as the concrete is cured. Custom home builders work with city officials to ensure the build meets code at each step of the construction process. Once the Foundation is in, the shell and basic Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC systems are installed. The initial wiring and Plumbing are run through the walls, in preparation for the fixtures that will be added later in the build. Insulation is installed in the walls and ceiling. The roof, Windows, and Exterior surface, such as siding, complete the shell.

At this point, the interior walls are framed in and the work of adding insulation, drywall, and other interior finishing work begins. The walls must be finished before flooring, carpets, and Interior Trim can be added. Each step includes another inspection process, to ensure that the build meets local codes for safety. While the repeated inspections may seem tiresome, they represent an opportunity to catch any potential long-term problems with the build.

Finally, the finishing touches will be added. Fixtures like sinks, toilets, lighting, outlets, countertops, mirrors, and many other basic amenities are added. At this point, major appliances will be installed and landscaping will be completed. After a final clean up, another inspection will be completed before the building code officer issues a certificate of occupancy. Working with custom home builders offers the customer an exciting opportunity to bring the house of their dreams into reality.

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