Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder



Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder


If you’re ready to build a custom home, get ready to choose your builder carefully. You’ll be entering a relationship that can last from six months to eighteen months, and not all custom home builders operate with the same quality or ethics.

The following five questions should help you choose one of the best builders.

Experience matters…a lot. You don’t want someone practicing on your dream home. Ask how much experience the builder has, what neighborhoods the firm has focused on, what types of custom homes they’ve built, and what size projects they’ve completed.

Don’t take your builder’s word for it…ask for references. Then call those references and ask specific questions, such as: What are the builder’s strengths and weaknesses? What problems did you encounter and how were they solved? How was conflict handled? Was everyone on the building team professional?

It’s important to know how communication will be handled. How often will you be given updates? How much input will you have? Will you primarily communicate by phone, text, e-mail, or FAX. Knowing the expectations upfront can help you avoid disappointment later.

Quality Assurance
Most of the work that’s done on your custom home will eventually be hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings. Therefore, it’s important that the builder has some process in place (either internally or through the use of independent inspectors) to ensure that quality work is performed at every turn. This degree of diligence will help prevent a host of problems from cropping up months, years, or even decades, down the line.

A minimum one-year or two-year warranty is standard in the construction industry. Make sure that you know, in advance, exactly what your new home warranty covers.


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