Three Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your House With Custom Home Builders

Three Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your House With Custom Home Builders

Planning and designing a new house with the help of a team of custom home builders is an exciting process. You’ll be able to customize each aspect of the property to meet your particular lifestyle and preferences. However, this freedom can also lead to some odd and unexpected mistakes. To avoid costing yourself some serious pain and money, keep this advice in mind during the process.

Space Planning – Not too much and not too little

Functionality needs to be central to all custom home design plans. Sure, it’s wonderful to have a walk-in closet in the master bedroom but is it too large? Would that space better be used expanding the room itself, or perhaps the bathroom adjoining it? These are the kinds of questions you’ll want to ask yourself in a variety of forms when creating a plan with your custom home builders.

Often an easier step might be to ask yourself about the personal utility of a room or addition. Consider the climate, your family, and location before agreeing to a pool or mud room.

Room Placement

Picking the right location of each room is also essential. Your custom home builders are great at suggesting the rooms themselves, but they might forget the practical aspects of the areas. For example, having a master bedroom near any of the main living areas, or sharing a wall with the garage, is a bad idea. The noise generated will keep you up at the worst times and make the room less of a sanctuary.

As well, you’ll want to account for rooms like the laundry room. Don’t go for a far corner basement option that forces you to lug countless clothes through multiple levels and rooms of the home. You’ll also want to place your Kitchen near the garage to avoid long trips with groceries in hand. You don’t want to have to walk through the whole house when you’re performing basic tasks. As a general tip, each time you design a room, try to envision yourself in the space.

Avoid Surpassing your Budget

On a final note, it’s important to be budget-conscious. Your custom home builders might be convincing you that the process is going to be expensive, but that shouldn’t prevent you from compromising on your design goals. In fact, the whole idea of a well-planned house is that you put considerable effort into the planning. Every time you decide on a feature, see if there is a sale version. For example, if you’re shopping for lighting many online stores offer 10%-30% off your entire order with simple coupons. Couple that with the sale savings, and you’ll quickly be saving thousands on amenities and details. Keep up this habit, and by the time your house is finished, you might have even spent less than you expected.

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