Important Questions to Ask Yourself and a Potential Custom Home Builder



Important Questions to Ask Yourself and a Potential Custom Home Builder


Having a new house built is exciting. You are able to get exactly what you want in one area without having to compromise on another. Unless you are handy with tools, however, you are going to have to hire a custom home builder to do the job for you. When trying to decide, you should ask a few questions about your potential hire.

Do You Like The Contractor?

Some people are willing to work with anyone as long as their work is done on time and on spec. In reality, you should at least like the contractor you hire. Remember you are going to be spending a lot of time communicating with your custom home builder. If you don’t get a good feeling about him or her during your initial meeting, those feelings are only going to get worse as the project goes on. After six to ten months, you could end up hating the house just because of the person who built it.

This person should also understand that this is your dream, your plan, and your money. It’s a huge investment, and he or she should appreciate that this project is about what you want. He or she needs to work to make you happy, not miserable.

How Accessible Are They?

Your money is funding this project; you need to know what is going on at all times. That means your contractor should be accessible when you need answers. Yes, this person is going to be very busy and may not be able to drop everything if you call a dozen times a day. However, even if you are not able to speak immediately, your message should be promptly returned. When they do reply, every question you have should be answered. If your contractor doesn’t answer any of your calls or doesn’t return them in a timely manner, it’s a sign that you don’t want to work with this person.

What Is Their Reputation?

In this day of instant access information, it is easy to find out what past clients think of their custom home builder. All you have to do is take the time to research how others view the work. See if it was finished on time and on budget. You can also find reviews of how well this contractor communicated with clients and how satisfied they are with the work.

Granted finding information about an individual isn’t as easy as finding restaurant reviews, but there are homeowners sites and building associations that can help you find what you want.

What Is The Relationship Between Contractor and Subcontractors?

A lot of the work is going to be completed by subcontractors. If your builder doesn’t have a good relationship with them, then your home isn’t going to be as nice as you expect. The contractor should also tell you how long they’ve worked together and who they are so you can find out more information about them if you wish. The best custom home builder is going to be able to find experienced, reliable help.

Do You Like Previous Work?

Finally, no matter how great the contractor is, you are not going to be happy with your house if you don’t like the work that’s been done in the past. Look through the portfolio and see what he or she has to offer. Good workers aren’t going to be offended if you just aren’t looking for their particular style of home.

You have to ask tough questions of both yourself and your contractor to ensure you get the right person for the job. While you want your house built as soon as possible, there is no reason to rush the selection process.


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