Greater Fort Worth, TX

We specialize in custom-building homes.  Because we deliver on our promise to try to build your home the best we can, we seem to attract homeowners wanting to build their very last home.  So much so that we have made our motto be “we build last homes”.

People elect to custom build their new home for a variety of reasons…

  • they find that special lot or acreage where they would like to live;
  • they have seen a home they love, but do not like its location or it is not available;
  • they have special requirements which they cannot find in existing homes; or
  • they have seen features in different homes which they wish to incorporate into their new home.

The majority of the homes built by Ambassador during its 46-year history have been specifically designed for someone.  We have extensive experience in assisting prospective homeowners in starting with a dream and progressing through a step-by-step process which ends with mortgage approval of a custom-designed home to be built on a certain lot for a fixed price approved by you.

We can work together to decide upon a proposed design and room sizes of your new home which fit a price range set by you before you commit to building your new home.

Bring us a sketch or floor plan of your dream home, and we will help you design and customize it to meet your needs and budget.  We aren’t the cheapest, nor the fastest, but we are the best!

Give us a call today at 817-784-7340!