Custom Home or Production Home – Which Is the Better Deal?



Custom Home or Production Home – Which Is the Better Deal?


When planning a new home many find themselves faced with the decision of choosing custom homes or what is referred to as a production home. The main difference is that custom homes come from small builders and architects, and production homes come from a high-volume home builder. Which is the best for the buyers depends on a few things.

While both variations are great options, the choice will depend on the amount of advice the buyers would like to make. Either way they’ll have a relationship with the builder. Here is the basic difference between the two choices – A production builder will erect multiple homes using preset plans and some customizations like appliances, countertops, flooring and cabinetry. A custom homes builder creates a completely different home that presents buyers with a huge range of design options for the lot that they get. Read on to learn a bit more about each.

Production Builders

For those that feel production builders will be their best bet, they’ll have to choose between a local or a national company. Local builders have set communities in a city, while national builders erect up to thousands of homes every year. It’s a similar process just on a larger scale. Some of the bonuses of using production builders are:

Land and home packages for simplification
Many plans to choose from
Set styles and designs to browse from
Offer a price range for every type of buyer

Production as opposed to custom homes are much cheaper and can be the same size with the same finishes in most cases. They have a systemized approach and buy construction items in bulk, and that saves them money, those savings can be passed on to the buyer.

There’s no worry about them being focused on quality, they use solid engineered and carefully designed homes with up-to-date elements that make them highly sought-after on the market. Homes will be Energy-efficient and basically pristine. Do not doubt they’ll do everything in their power to make the experience fun and stress-free.

Custom Builders

For those that want the adventure of choosing their own land either remote or in an established neighborhood, custom homes may be the perfect option. They’ll get to be completely involved in every step of the process from drawing the blueprint to choosing every single element. The process building custom homes is not scripted at all like production builders. It can be built on land that’s already owned or what is sought out. Plans are completely drawn from scratch and the buyers work with the architect and builder through the entire process.

While one should expect to pay more with custom homes, if they are strict they can easily stay within a set budget. In the budget it’s important to set aside about 10% for surprises, as they are often plenty with custom homes.

The good news is that with custom homes, the choices are truly unlimited. Choose views and floorplans that work with the lifestyle of the new owners perfectly. It’s important though, to do all the necessary homework before jumping in the custom homes realm. This will keep one from suffering sticker shock. Many don’t realize that there’s a lot that goes into planning a home from scratch.

Because the process of building a custom home is so involved, it’s no surprise that the future owners will typically spend much more time than they would with a production builder.

Taking all this information on custom homes will have anyone ready to decide if they prefer custom or production style homes. Either way, if the right builder is chosen they’ll end up with a high-quality, beautiful home that they will love showing off.


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