Choosing An Effective Home Builder



Choosing An Effective Home Builder


Your home is your castle, the old saying goes. It is your place of refuge from the rest of the world. It should also be a place that makes a statement about who you are as an individual or a family. If you want your new home to be individualized to fit your lifestyle and demonstrate your personality, you should consider interviewing custom home builders as potential contractors for your building project.

Custom home builders specialize in this type of personalized construction. That is what sets them apart from the development builder who only builds off a limited set of floor plans and home styles. At the same time, not all custom home builders are equal in experience and quality of work. Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a custom home builder for your project.

Never hire a contractor of any type without first asking for and checking their references. Ask for the names of clients from the last two to five years, preferably with projects that have similarities to yours. Take the time to contact and speak with these former clients about the service they received from the contractor. Did they stay within budget for the project? Did they meet the projected timeline for completion? Did any issues develop after the construction was complete, and if so, were those issue taken care of in a timely and professional manner?

Construction Documents
Any reputable custom home builder will understand the importance of providing their customers with detailed construction documents. This means that the contract will include full specifications regarding the materials to be used and labor methods employed. The contract should also provide specifics regarding terms of payment, billing schedule and the approval process for change orders during the course of the project. If the builder is also providing the plans for the project, which is often the case with custom home builders, a complete set of plans should be provided to the client prior to the construction start. Any changes to the plans during construction should be approved and provided to the client as well.

Comparing Contractors
As you interview custom builders and compare their bids on your project, make sure that you are receiving quotes that all cover the same items equally. Be on the watch for the words ‘not included’ in their specifications or estimates. One contractor may be including items that another has not. These differences need to be factored in when comparing numbers.

Regardless of the final numbers on the bids, the value of a contractor that is dependable and provides quality workmanship cannot be fully measured. It is your home. Make sure you choose wisely when determining your final choice from amongst the custom home builders on your list.


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